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Treaty of Waitangi - Status

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Set a final date for lodging historical claims
Appoint to the Waitangi Tribunal people known for their ability to apply the rules of evidence rigorously to get at what truth can be discovered at this distance, and to reject the rest
Amend the Treaty of Waitangi Act first and third Treaty articles by which the Crown received "absolutely forever the complete government of [New Zealand]" and in which the Crown undertook to protect all the ordinary people of New Zealand and [to] give them the same rights and duties of citizenship

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Metiria Turei

Affirms that Te Tiriti o Waitangi remains a living and fundamental constitutional document.
The indigenous language version of Te Tiriti [is] the legitimate text of an agreement that described the rights and responsibilities of hapu and the Crown.
Acknowledges that the Crown and its representatives have breached, and continue to breach, te Tiriti . We support the resolution of, and restitution for, all outstanding historical and contemporary breaches.
Believes there is a need for an ongoing dialogue grounded in Te Tiriti, both to give effect to the relationship that it enshrines, and to build a high level of awareness among all citizens of the unique role of Te Tiriti in our nation.

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Dr Michael Cullen

All historical Treaty claims to be lodged by 1 September 2008, with the aim of settling all claims by 2020
Keep Treaty settlement processes under review to ensure that they meet the needs of both iwi and the Crown

Maori Party Te Ururoa Flavell  
National Party of New Zealand Christopher Finlayson

Give all citizens an equal say in decision-making.
Remove race-based funding from education and health

New Zealand First Pita Paraone

Replace the Waitangi Tribunal and refocus operations and research
Remove all references to ‘principles’ of the Treaty from legislation
End Treaty of Waitangi grievance industry

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Judy Turner

Ensure that the Treaty is a document for all New Zealanders

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