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Transport - Roads

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Reverse Labour's 5 cents a litre additional petrol tax.
Supports immediate work on the Transmission Gully project, starting with a geo-technical survey and other work for definitive costing.
Fund roading through fuel taxes, road user charges and tolls rather than land-based rates.

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Jeanette Fitzsimons

Lower maximum speeds in areas of significant pedestrian traffic, including setting 30km/h speed limits near schools and parks
Introduce vehicle emission standards to reduce children’s exposure to airborne toxics
Reduce exposure to traffic noise in areas of significant pedestrian activity
Introduce, and progressively increase, fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles entering the country
Continue to work for the development of a transportation system that reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases by moving freight from trucks to rail and coastal shipping where possible, and personal transport from cars to public transport, cycling, car pooling and walking

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Annette King

Work to achieve the Road Safety Strategy 2010 target of no more than 300 deaths a year by 2010
Investigate and implement key initiatives within Road Safety to 2010 including a more effective speed management regime, vehicle crash protection standards, roadside drug testing, driver distraction and fatigue education and reducing risks faced by younger drivers
Support campaigns to raise motorists’ awareness of cyclists and pedestrians.
Continue to increase funding for road construction and maintenance, giving priority to the relief of severe congestion, economic development and safer roads
Work with industry and key stakeholders to ensure we have an adequate workforce to meet the ongoing growth in land transport projects nationwide

Maori Party Hone Harawira  
National Party of New Zealand Hon Maurice Williamson

Ensure that all the tax collected on the roads is spent on the roads
Simplify the RMA
Simplify the Land Transport Management Act
increase the funds available for roading by $100 million in the first year, and thereafter by a further $100 million a year
We will not have roads delayed by arguments over the home of the taniwha

New Zealand First Peter Brown

Phase down over time (and out) the excise tax which goes into the Crown Account and thus provide for more financial resources for roading and other transport infrastructure
Implement a roading administration structure which is flexible, caters for the input and concerns of local government, and has the ability to borrow against roading income
Ensure that in the short term government investment is made to overcome the shortfall in priority roading infrastructure funding
Upgrade highways, particularly those serving ports, to accommodate trucking
Ensure that changes to the RMA provide for a more rapid consents process for roading projects

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Hon Peter Dunne

Require Treasury to justify the amount of fuel excise duty that it diverts from the National Land Transport Fund to the Crown Account
Allow tolling, public private partnerships (PPPs) and other investment options for urgently-needed, high cost highways
Ensure that a significant proportion of fuel excise duty collected within a particular region is earmarked for the roads in that region
Ultimate goal is for State Highway 1 to be four-laned from Kaitaia to Invercargill
Improve the school bus system to assist decongesting roads in the major cities

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