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Social Welfare - Benefit levels     Interested in the numbers? Click here to find them

ACT The Liberal Party Heather Roy

Welfare beneficiaries who are able to do so, should be required to work full time or undertake a 40-hour week of work activity
Retain base benefit levels, but comprehensively review abatement rates and supplementary assistance to ensure that people on welfare do not end up better off than people in full time work
For the able-bodied, introduce 5-year lifetime limits for reliance on welfare in respect of unemployment and domestic purposes benefits
Scrap the special dole for artists scheme

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Sue Bradford

Set benefit amounts at a level such that beneficiary income is sufficient for all basic needs
Protect all benefit levels by linking rates to a fixed percentage of the average wage
Make the first $5000 of everyone's income tax-free as part of ecological tax reform, which will help reduce problems with abatement rates
Support the provision, without the imposition of a work test, of benefits to single parents and partners of beneficiaries whose primary responsibility is caring for dependent children
Introduce a Universal Child Benefit of $15 per week for the first child and $10 per week for every subsequent child

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Ruth Dyson

Continue to implement the original Working for Families package, to further improve the incomes of families and lift thousands more children out of poverty
Introduce on 1 April 2006, as part of this, a new In-Work Payment for 136,000 working families, worth up to $60 a week for families with three children or less, with up to $15 for each additional child
On 1 April 2007 increase Family Support rates again by $10 for every child

Maori Party Tariana Turia  
National Party of New Zealand Judith Collins

Reduce the number on benefits from 300,000 to 200,000 over 10 years
Require those on the unemployment benefit to make themselves available for community service work or retraining
Implement a more thorough medical evaluation process for sickness and invalids' benefits
Require that under all but exceptional circumstances DPB recipients will name the father of their child
Require those on the DPB to undertake part-time work, retraining or community service from the time their youngest child goes to school

New Zealand First Barbara Stewart

Ensure that young people who are enrolled for the community wage are engaged in seasonal employment, industry training, extended conservation or youth service corps
Resurrect the policy of a community wage, paid to those who are unable to reasonably find paid employment but who will be expected to make a contribution back to the community which is paying them
Ensure greater scrutiny of the benefit system for those moving from the unemployment system onto the sickness benefit
Encourage greater independence and facilitate the transition to work for beneficiaries by regularly reviewing abatement of benefit levels

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Judy Turner

set out

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