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Social Welfare - ACC                      Interested in the numbers? Click here to find them

ACT The Liberal Party Heather Roy

Allow everyone to choose their own accident insurance cover.
Remove the monopoly on existing schemes as soon as possible and fully restore choice.
Review the issue of a return of the right to sue, taking into account the need to honour private agreements and to prevent excessive litigation.
Ensure the commitments to those who are already injured are honoured.
Maintain a safety net for hardship cases.

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Sue Bradford

Ensuring that all people who have a genuine work-related gradual process injury, disease or infection, including occupational overuse injuries and chemical poisoning, can obtain ACC cover
Ensuring that all people who receive unexpected and unintended injuries as a consequence of medical treatment are able to access ACC cover
Ensuring that adequate and appropriate social and vocational rehabilitation is provided to people suffering injury-related impairments
ACC needs to include the full range of income earned by temporary and seasonal workers in calculating income
The creation of an independent ACC Ombudsman to take over the functions of the ACC Complaints Investigation Service

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Ruth Dyson

Maintain ACC as a fully public social insurance scheme which focuses on injury prevention, along with fair and effective treatment and rehabilitation provisions
Review the costs for review and appeals to ensure fair access for applicants
Develop a cross-agency response to counselling services for victims of traumatic events
Continue to implement the NZ Injury Prevention Strategy with evaluation of programmes
Review implementation of the Code of Claimants’ Rights and where appropriate strengthen sanctions for breaches

Maori Party Tariana Turia  
National Party of New Zealand Judith Collins

Re-introduce competition in workplace accident insurance
Enable employers to choose their own insurer
Allow self-employed people to choose higher levels of cover
Guarantee a 24-hour no-fault accident insurance cover
Changes to ACC legislation will happen early in our first term in government

New Zealand First Peter Brown

Appoint an Accident Compensation Ombudsman with similar powers and responsibilities to those of the Health and Disability Commissioner
Provide for employers to purchase 'set-rate' accident cover for employees, particularly lower paid part-time and casual workers
Provide for the self-employed to purchase 'set-rate' accident cover, which could include replacement worker costs
Monitor fully all claims and compensation for medical misadventure to ensure claimants are treated fairly
Ensure greater scrutiny of the benefit system for those moving from the unemployment system onto the sickness benefit

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Judy Turner

Supports the continuation of the 'no-fault' regime and mandatory workplace accident insurance, and supports competition in the provision of accident compensation services

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