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Special Interests - Children

ACT The Liberal Party Heather Roy

Review the Child Support Act to require parents to meet their financial obligations to their children

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Metiria Turei

Work towards eliminating child poverty in New Zealand by 2010. As a first step to achieving this, the Green Party will urgently develop indicators to measure poverty and regularly monitor poverty levels, especially for children
Introduce a Universal Child Benefit of $15 per week for the first child and $10 per week for every subsequent child
Work towards setting benefit amounts at a level that is sufficient for all basic needs
Work with schools and communities to create a culture that does not tolerate any form of bullying or intimidation and ensure all school and early childhood centres have policies, practices and programmes to create a school culture that is inclusive and supports the elimination of prejudice, racism, bullying and violence
Outlaw the use of physical force in the discipline of children

New Zealand Labour Party Hon David Parker

Given parents raising pre-schoolers more support through SKIP - Strategies with Kids, Information for Parents – which provides resources and training to assist in positive parenting
Provide support through programmes like Well Child and the new Parenting Support Service pilot
Also expand early intervention programmes where there is evidence that they are succeeding in helping to get children onto the right path early in life
Provide funding for 20 hours free early childhood education for three and four year olds attending any licensed, teacher-led services from July 2007
Review the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1989 to ensure that, consistent with the principles of the Act, the legislation is consistent with international best practice

Maori Party Tariana Turia  
National Party of New Zealand Gerry Brownlee

Make pre-school childcare costs tax deductible for up to $5,000 per child
Allow costs to be deducted at 33%, giving a tax refund of up to $1,650 per child per year
Make the deduction available for all forms of pre-school childcare, including registered childcare centres, nannies or home-based care
Stop political correctness undermining parents' rights
Continue to grow the education budget

New Zealand First Barbara Stewart

Implement policies which will increase participation rates and quality provision of early childhood education
Initiate Family Start Programmes across the country aimed at those children at greatest risk of less than optimal development
Make available HIPPY programmes to all families with low levels of educational capital
Ensure ongoing support for and development of 0800 advice line services
Explore the possibilities of enabling early childhood centres to be funded more than six hours per day and for weekend sessions

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Judy Turner

Fund Plunket to ensure all children receive the recommended eight well child health checks in the first five years of life
Establish new child health clinics within family service centres, to provide comprehensive health screening programmes
Adequately resource the Department of Child Youth and Family Services to provide the needed assistance to families
Give strong support for the advocacy role of the Commissioner for Children
Encourage the corporate sector to support and participate in projects, which create stimulating environments for young people

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