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Law and Order                               Interested in the numbers? Click here to find them

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Ensure police focus first on thieves and thugs, and only then on traffic tickets, and unintended wrongs.
Truth in sentencing by removal of all early release and parole.
Require the maximum sentence after three repeat offences, automatically.
No suppression of criminal records.
DNA is the modern fingerprint and should be used in the same way, eg. on arrest if police deem appropriate.

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Keith Locke

Target police resources on people who sell drugs to kids, and violent crime
Increase funding for effective and evidence based drug education and treatment
Support making private ownership of fully functional semi-automatic weapons illegal
Investigate the benefits and costs of a low fee, centralised gun registration system and database
Introduce instant fines, rather than criminal convictions, for adults with small amounts of cannabis

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Annette King

Develop and implement further detailed action plans to reduce crime in targeted areas such as organised crime
Work with local government to develop a nationwide initiative to reduce the incidence and costs of graffiti, including an education campaign using legitimate graffiti art scene role models
Ensure that deliberate use of illegal drugs is treated as an aggravating factor at sentencing for crime carried out while under the influence of those drugs
Continue to support police efforts to drive crime down even further, through additional resources and better legislation
Double the number of community police on the streets by recruiting an extra 250 over the next two years from 2006/07 to 2007/08

Maori Party Dr Pita Sharples  
National Party of New Zealand Simon Power

Change the emphasis of policing from revenue gathering to violent crime
Take DNA from all convicted criminals
Amend the Proceeds of Crime Act to target the economic base of organised crime
Strengthen criminal non-association laws
Ensure greater use of preventive detention for violent repeat offenders
Introduce post-release monitoring with tough sanctions

New Zealand First Ron Mark

Double the size of the police force over the next five years.
Prevent crime "at the source" and eliminate the reasons young people enter into a life of crime.
Trial roadside drug testing using technology currently available overseas.
Immediately ensure that operational priorities and staffing levels enable the emergency 111 service to be fully operable and to restore public confidence in its operation
Advocates the de-merger of the traffic officers from the police

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Hon Peter Dunne

Oppose the decriminalisation of cannabis and any liberalisation of other drug laws
Enact legislation that make drug dealers an accomplice to any crime committed by their 'customers'
Toughen penalties for driving while disqualified or without a licence, alcohol or drug-impaired driving, and driving at excessive speeds
Allow drug testing of youth involved in crime, or admitted to CYPS care

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