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ACT New Zealand Rodney Hide

Send Parliament a message. We want Truth-in-Sentencing. We want Zero Tolerance for Crime.
ACT is the low tax party. We say a low flat tax is needed to stimulate the economy and grow jobs.
We believe in prudent economic management, individual freedom, property rights, the rule of law and sanctity of contract.

Green Part of Aotearoa New Zealand Jeanette Fitzsimons

New Zealand Labour Helen Clark

New Zealand National Don Brash

Individual freedom, opportunity and choice are important to National.
We believe in getting ahead rather than making everyone the same.
[We] want a shared future for New Zealanders, where everyone enjoys the benefits of a modern economy,
where effort is rewarded, entrepreneurs and innovators are championed, and high education standards are the norm.
We are also determined that our unique environment and lifestyle will be around for future generations.

New Zealand First Winston Peters

We will focus on three things:
FIXING OUR IMMIGRATION POLICY: end ad hoc policy-making and will oppose using immigration as an excuse for our failure to train, skill, and employ our own people. We will not tolerate NZ being a haven for queue-jumping asylum seekers. Only immigrants who can contribute to rapid export growth, our research and development, and or our educational capacity will be accepted. Immigrants will be required to accept New Zealand culture and values.
FIXING THE TREATY INDUSTRY: We are all NZers first. [We will] pursue policies that promote social cohesion and economic advancement. We will put an end to the Treaty of Waitangi grievance industry and cease its senseless calls to insert Treaty 'principles' into our legislation.
FIXING LAWLESSNESS AND VIOLENCE: Mount a war against lawlessness by providing adequate police resources and powers, implementing realistic sentencing, instilling discipline in our young people through appropriate training, taking a very tough line on youth and repeat offenders, and aggressively targeting 'entry level' crime.

Progressive Coalition Jim Anderton

United Future New Zealand Peter Dunne

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