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Justice - Youth

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Open the Youth Court and the Family Court, restricting only reporting that might hurt innocent third parties
End the fiction that 17-year-old thugs have a clean record starting their adult criminal careers after the youth justice system.
Give victims the right to be heard in open court, and to comment on sentencing, so they are no longer confined to writing secret accounts of how badly they have been hurt.
End pointless family group conferences, ensure youth justice processes result in enforceable decisions, making young offenders responsible and deterring re-offending. No legal interference with schools upholding high behaviour standards.

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Nandor Tanczos

Maintain the age of criminal responsibility at 14
Support the establishment of small-scale and dispersed Youth Rehabilitation Centres to end the detention of young people in police cells and adult prisons, and to intensively address serious youth offending
Extend the problem-solving approach of the Youth Drug Court to other areas of the justice system. It has cut re-offending by addressing substance addiction rather than simply punishment.
Ensure that victims are provided with adequate information about FGCs in order to encourage a higher proportion to attend
Increase resources for FGC to ensure the adequate monitoring and accountability of FGC outcomes

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Annette King

Expand early intervention programmes which identify at risk youth before they offend, address risk factors, and involve their whole family and support structures
Widen use of school engagement programs, which use a restorative justice approach and take a holistic view of discipline problems
Ensure accessible information on legal services is available for young people through placement on an enhanced youth government/services web portal
Continue to support and develop Youth Offending Teams as a highly effective way to reduce youth offending
Continue to work to implement the Youth Offending Strategy with a review of sentencing options available to the Youth Court

Maori Party Dr Pita Sharples  
National Party of New Zealand Simon Power

Focus on early intervention for at-risk youth
Lower the age of general criminal responsibility from 14 to 12
Give the Youth Court power to issue new parenting orders.
Investigate longer sentencing options for the Youth Court.
Introduce a new ‘behaviour correction contract’.

New Zealand First Rt Hon Winston Peters

Mount a war on youth recidivist offending, and aggressively target 'entry level' crime by those seeking to enter the crime industry
Raise the drinking age
Lower the age of criminal responsibility and accountability to 12 years of age
Retain Family Group Conferences for those who choose to offend under the age of 12 years, should they choose to offend [more than three times they] will be dealt with by the adult criminal courts
Provide the Youth Court with guidelines as to when anonymity of proceedings should be removed to reinforce the offender's accountability to the community

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Hon Peter Dunne

Allow drug testing of youth involved in crime, or admitted to CYPS care
Introduce tougher penalties for all drug dealing, including cannabis, especially to young people less than 20 years old
Encourage safety on the roads by setting zero blood alcohol levels for all drivers under 25 years
Increase funding for the Youth Aid section of the police
Establish a 'three strikes' rule for youth offenders, whereby the number of family group conferences that youth offenders may face would be limited to three before the third offence triggers a custodial sentence, even if it would not individually warrant such a sentence

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