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Immigration                                   Interested in the numbers? Click here to find them

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Focus immigration policy on migrants with skills, resources and background that will enable them to become major contributors to the wellbeing and future prosperity of New Zealand
Introduce an annual review process for all immigration categories including refugees, family reunion cases and New Zealand's special responsibilities relating to some Pacific Island countries
Establishing national quotas of the ablest and most productive people from countries with a track record of success
Lower taxation, making New Zealand more attractive to skilled migrants and to Kiwis returning home
Easy access to welfare for immigrants will be curbed, and there will be no special government privileges for immigrants

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Keith Locke

Provide all new immigrants with a copy of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act and Te Tiriti o Waitangi in their preferred language
Create fairer and more transparent short-stay visa processes
Support freer movement of people between Samoa and New Zealand in consultation with Samoa
Progressively increase our refugee quota from 750 per year to 1000 per year
Ensure migrants are provided with assistance to obtain adequate housing and health services

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Clayton Cosgrove

Continue to focus and fine tune the Skilled Migrant Category to ensure it achieves the best possible results for New Zealand
Carry out a Comprehensive Review of the Immigration Act to ensure New Zealand’s interests are protected and advanced, while also ensuring that we continue to uphold our international obligations
Provide support to new migrants through new initiatives such as Settlement Support New Zealand, which will link together government and non government agencies and community groups who provide services for new migrants
Improve the uptake of English language education for migrants and refugees
Focus on upskilling New Zealand Immigration Service staff in immigration policy and procedures

Maori Party Dr Pita Sharples  
National Party of New Zealand Hon Dr Lockwood Smith

Focus priority on skilled immigrants, with greater recognition of proven work experience in areas of skill shortage
Introduce a four-year qualification period of Provisional Residence for all new immigrants
Extend the benefit stand-down period from two years to four years
Merge the Immigration Service and the Citizenship Office into a new Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Require family stream sponsors to be in work, business and/or able to fulfil all sponsorship obligations for the benefit stand-down period

New Zealand First Rt Hon Winston Peters

Drastically reduce the inflow of migrants
Review 'family reunification' policies across both the immigrant and refugee categories which have rapidly become an open door for large numbers of unqualified migrants
Amend the Immigration Act to ensure that those with a serious criminal conviction from an overseas jurisdiction cannot be considered for refugee status
Ensure that any suspected terrorist held under the Immigration Act is unable to receive bail
All new immigrants will need to keep an unblemished record for five years before becoming eligible for citizenship

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Hon Peter Dunne

Maintain, if not increase, the current net migration inflow of 10,000 residents per annum
Encourage more foreign students to undertake study and work in New Zealand
Deploy recruitment teams to New Zealand Embassies to interview and screen potential immigrants
Establish a one-stop Migrant Business Development Agency within the Immigration Service
Establish a global online service that matches potential skilled migrants with job opportunities in New Zealand to help fill critical skill shortages

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