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Health - Public Health                   Interested in the numbers? Click here to find them

ACT The Liberal Party Heather Roy

Cut taxes so that more taxpayers can fund their own comprehensive health insurance and other private arrangements directly out of their own pockets
Oblige government to clearly define the role of the public health system it is committed to provide, preferably in the form of an enforceable contract
ACT will promote the private system to reduce waiting lists
Focus state action on addressing health-related public good issues including quality assurance
Stop race-based health spending

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Sue Kedgley

Support the implementation of the New Zealand Health Strategy (Ministry of Health) and related strategies and programmes; and ensure that they addresses the underlying environmental, economic and social factors of ill health, such as unemployment, poor housing, poor nutrition, and air pollution
Ensure the health of the population is a key goal across all government activities and ensure a health impact assessment is completed on all government policies and projects
Monitor the effectiveness and implementation of the New Zealand Health Strategy, and advise the Minister of Health on further initiatives required to prevent illness and promote health
Advocate for policies that reduce the underlying environmental and social causes of ill health.
Identify and promote culturally appropriate programmes to address the public health needs of Maori, Pacific Islanders and people of other cultures, children, young people and older people

New Zealand Labour Party Hon David Cunliffe

Training a health workforce that is able to sustainably deliver health services for all New Zealanders
Improving the competency and quality of our health professionals through initiatives such as Nursing Scholarships, Post Graduate, Rural and Step Up Scholarships
Conducting a specific review of the funding arrangements for medical and dental students
Strengthening capability for monitoring expenditure in the health sector to ensure that funding is being used effectively to maximise outcomes
Continue to improve the accessibility of health services

Maori Party Tariana Turia  
National Party of New Zealand Hon Tony Ryall

A $100 million three-year package to slash the 20,000 backlog of those waiting in high priority elective service categories.  National’s new commitment is over and above the current ‘cataract’ and ‘orthopaedic’ initiatives
Funding will be contestable between the public and private sectors

New Zealand First Barbara Stewart

Commit to incrementally raising spending on health to reach our target goal of 10 percent of GDP
Explore options associated with boosting uptake of private health insurance, including the provision of tax rebates for those with private health insurance
Establish a Commission of Inquiry into the public health system with the aim of establishing precisely what the public expects of the health system and what the system can deliver
Review the number of DHBs to ensure they are appropriate for the demographic demands of health and efficiency of delivery of services
Reduce the burgeoning health bureaucracy at all levels within the Ministry, DHBs and PHOs, with the intention of creating greater efficiencies and more value for money

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Judy Turner

Establish a contestable fund so that both public and private health providers can tender to provide elective surgery services in order to clear the backlogs of people waiting for surgery
Commit to the public health model so that it continues to assume the key role in the provision of vital health services
Ensure that the health system is characterised by a climate of certainty by clearly defining core services, so that New Zealanders know what the public health system covers them for and what they are not covered for
Support effectively targeted cervical, breast, and skin cancer screening programmes, and establish a new prostate cancer screening programme for men
Support public education campaigns that emphasise the importance of nutrition and exercise in combating obesity and its consequences such as diabetes and heart disease

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