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Health - Primary Care                   Interested in the numbers? Click here to find them

ACT The Liberal Party Heather Roy

Cut taxes so that more taxpayers can fund their own comprehensive health insurance and other private arrangements directly out of their own pockets
Free professionals from undue constraints imposed by bureaucrats and professional unions
Increase spending on real health services (medical and nursing staff) by reducing spending on health administration and bureaucracy
Significant increase in focus on preventative health care measures
No cuts to health spending

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Sue Kedgley

Increase funding to progressively make primary health care affordable for everyone
Explore the cost and benefits of extending the categories of New Zealanders who can receive free primary health care.
Ensure all PHOs take an active role in improving health through measures such 'green prescriptions', nutrition education, and encouraging healthy transport choices.
Provide DHBs with resources to support the integration of quality not-for-profit primary healthcare providers, who involve their communities in their governing structures and in particular, target low income, high health needs areas and areas of deprivation.
Promote team-managed, home-based primary care for at-risk disabled and older people.

New Zealand Labour Party Hon David Cunliffe

Focus on primary healthcare through the continued roll out of accessible and affordable primary health care services. By July 2007, every New Zealander will be entitled to more affordable primary health care and lower prescription medicine costs through PHOs
Continuing to provide affordable access for children to primary health care and medicines through PHOs
Funding more primary health care rural nurse practitioner scholarships
Strengthening the capability of the primary health care sector to promote mental health and well being
Better and earlier involvement of primary healthcare professionals

Maori Party Tariana Turia  
National Party of New Zealand Hon Tony Ryall

National will not proceed with the planned rollout of universal subsidies to working age people in Interim PHOs
We will retain universal doctor visit and prescription subsidies for the young and the retired; in other words, for those below the age of 25, and for those aged 65 and over, there will be no change to subsidy levels
National will instead target larger subsidies to those with the greatest need
The Community Services Card will be replaced with a new Health Card, with simplified administration, higher qualifying income thresholds, and an immediate boost in the value of the subsidy to $30 per doctor’s visit
The subsidy structure for Access PHOs will be subject to a full review and renegotiation with Access PHOs, particularly in respect of achieving better targeting of subsidies on those with the most need

New Zealand First Barbara Stewart

Commit to incrementally raising spending on health to reach our target goal of 10 percent of GDP
Review the number of DHBs to ensure they are appropriate for the demographic demands of health and efficiency of delivery of services
Redress the balance between health administration and health practitioners within DHBs, ensuring that extra money going into health is ring fenced for the delivery of health services rather than growing the health bureaucracy
Reduce the burgeoning health bureaucracy at all levels within the Ministry, DHBs and PHOs, with the intention of creating greater efficiencies and more value for money
Restore emphasis on preventative measures and health education and ensure the nationwide health screening of all children under one year

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Judy Turner

Extend low GP fees to all families, so that parents pay no more than $20, schoolchildren no more than $10, and under 6s are free
Give every New Zealander the chance to get a free standard "Warrant of Fitness" health check-up once a year
Implement outcome measures for PHOs as an immediate priority, to ensure that the financial investment in this strategy produces measurable improvements in the nation's health
Broaden community services card coverage to include subsidies for basic dental check-ups and basic procedures
Encourage the establishment of after-hours medical centres close to hospitals, and ensure that the establishment of PHOs does not result in the closure of these services

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