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Government - Resource Management

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Gut legislation that impose the greatest level of compliance costs on business, including the Resource Management Act.
Compensation for the removal of common law property rights.
Achieve a balance of benefits and costs rather than on particular outcomes.
Remove the extremism embodied in the presumption that there are absolute environmental and conservation values. Benefits, as valued by persons, must be balanced against costs.
Costs should be awarded against individuals and groups who make spurious objections.

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Jeanette Fitzsimons

Amend the RMA to require that all Regional Councils develop for all water catchments in their regions integrated management plans for ‘in stream’ values, ground water, water quality and water habitats
Support the use of the RMA to identify and protect important habitats on private land against over cultivation, over fertilisation, intensive stocking rates, infilling of aquatic habitats and wetlands, and inappropriate flood defences
Uphold the original principles of the RMA – environmental protection and public participation
Increase environmental legal aid so that citizens’ groups can take part in RMA cases with good legal, planning and scientific advice
Develop National Policy Statements and National Environmental Standards, to set environmental bottom lines with councils able to set higher standards where appropriate

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Pete Hodgson

Supporting training and professional development programmes for council staff and decision makers involved with processing resource consent applications and writing plans
Maintaining the Quality Planning Website and facilitating the sharing of best practice information between local authorities
Developing more national policy statements and national environmental standards
Continuing to fund the RMA Education and Advisory Service and the Environmental Legal Assistance Fund
Continuing to improve turn around times for Environment Court applications by eliminating unnecessary delays

Maori Party Tariana Turia  
National Party of New Zealand Dr Richard Worth

Substantially speed up applications
Provide new mechanisms to prevent vexatious and frivolous objections
Allow for direct referral to the Environment Court
Cut the cost of processing consents
Introduce national standards
Scrap legal aid for objectors, introduce mechanisms to prevent vexatious and frivolous objections, allow for direct referral to the Environment Court...

New Zealand First Rt Hon Winston Peters

Further enhance the value of the pre-hearing phase by empowering councils to ensure that necessary attendance of relevant parties, that specific and agreed timelines be established, and that the necessary evidence for the hearings phase be established
Amend the RMA to require that, at the conclusion of the pre-hearings meeting, only those issues that have been defined as forming the basis of a hearing should be the subject of any further hearing
Amend the RMA to set out a process allowing the combining of several local body jurisdictions for one consent process in clearly defined circumstances
Repeal clause 8 of section 2 and remove reference to the 'principles of Treaty of Waitangi' from this legislation
Amend definitions, particularly the terms used in clause 6(e), relating to 'spirituality' which, as a matter of personal conscience, has no place in resource consents

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Hon Peter Dunne

Conduct a biennial review of the Resource Management Act to ensure that is working as well as possible with regard to improving certainty, shortening timelines and reducing user costs.

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