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Government - Local Government

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

The powers of local government are [to be] clearly defined and constrained – getting local government back to basics.
A reduction to people’s rates burden through constraints on the spending powers of councils.
Greater co-operation between local authorities, in an effort to remove costly duplication of functions.
Progressively shed its commercial activities thereby eliminating the need to separate the regulatory and commercial functions of local authorities.
Integrated local bodies that incorporate the environmental responsibilities of both regional and local councils. This will also contribute to a more effective implementation of the Resource Management Act.

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Sue Kedgley

Local government to be given the mandate, powers, funding mechanisms to be a facilitator of local sustainable development.
Guaranteed Tangata Whenua participation in local governance.

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Nanaia Mahuta

Continue to hold forums twice a year to identify key issues of significance to local and central government, agree on priorities for addressing those issues, and monitor progress towards their resolution
Monitor the effectiveness of the new local government legislation and address any issues that arise
Promote awareness and encouragement of participation in local authority elections
Establishing a Drinking Water Subsidy Fund that will provide funding to councils and other water suppliers for technical advice and direct capital assistance with upgrading water systems
The maximum rebate available under the rates rebate scheme will rise from $200 to $500

Maori Party Te Ururoa Flavell  
National Party of New Zealand John Carter

Work with Local Government  NZ to review compliance costs for councils.
Rewrite the Rating Powers Act
Require all councils to report their financial accounts to a common standard
Ensure communities of interest determine ward boundaries as far as possible
Advance local government reorganisation with community involvement

New Zealand First Hon Brian Donnelly

Conduct a nationwide study into the inter-relationship between regional and local councils and community boards, exploring both their functions and relevance
Encourage communities of interest to explore the feasibility of merging some local body entities
Reduce the layers of bureaucracy which have increasingly been superimposed onto local government
Explore options to reduce the rates encumbrance on seniors with a fixed income
Fine tune the local government role in the Resource Management Act process

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Hon Peter Dunne

Complete the review of Local Government funding
Reduce the financial pressure on local authorities by increasing the central government's Financial Assistance Rate for the maintenance and construction of local roads up to 80% of their total cost
Remove GST from rates - it is nothing more than a tax on a tax
Support the increased thresholds for rates rebate provisions to reduce pressure on low income ratepayers
Reduce the number of Territorial Authorities to no more four within each Regional Council boundary, with a nationwide maximum of no more than 40 in total by 2012

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