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Environment - Conservation

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Government has a duty to ensure that a full range of New Zealand's natural heritage is protected in perpetuity, and must provide a supportive legal framework
Establishment of a Conservation Foundation to set priorities and allocate funds
DOC's advocacy role must be removed to enable them to focus on management
DoC's resources and expertise will be focussed on habitat restoration and on species recovery programmes for species such as the Kakapo, such as Kakapo, Black Stilt and Chatham Island Robin

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Metiria Turei

Developing DoC’s core capacity by improving funding for human resources, including scientific staff, field workers, educational officers, and locally based volunteer initiatives
Increasing funding to the Nature Heritage Fund to $15 million/year to enable the purchase of special places that are threatened
Conserve existing protected natural areas (PNA) and establish new ones (National parks and reserves)
Ensure that the Sustainable Development Programme of Action for Freshwater aims to manage all fresh water at a quality and quantity that will sustain indigenous species and ecosystems such as wetlands
Require local authorities to develop and use conservation plans

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Steve Chadwick

Ensure ongoing funding of the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy, including providing sufficient funding to the Department of Conservation for effective control of introduced pests across the public conservation estate
Retain Crown authority over fisheries management, enforcement and relevant research, while developing a more co-operative relationship with commercial and recreational fishers
Adopt a more comprehensive and pro-active approach to managing the environmental effects of fishing and do so on an ecosystem basis
Support the further development of marine mammal sanctuaries to protect threatened marine mammals

Work to reduce the environmental pressures caused by subsidies that promote over-capacity and over-exploitation

Maori Party Tariana Turia  
National Party of New Zealand Hon Dr Nick Smith

Ensure DOC has a specific mandate and mission statement with its core task being to protect New Zealand’s unique flora, fauna and endangered species
Limit DOC’s advocacy role to areas of biodiversity where it has specific expertise
Re-focus the South Island High Country Tenure Review to ensure it achieves economic as well as environmental and social outcomes
Improve investment in pest control programmes
Engage with recreational and outdoors groups

New Zealand First Doug Woolerton

Enhance and protect the rights of all New Zealanders to access their cultural heritage sites and clarify and amend legislation associated with protecting these heritage sites
Ensure the conservation of indigenous biodiversity
Provide conservation authorities with the necessary resources and legislative framework
Investigate fully the baseline costs needed to maintain the expanding conservation estate being built up by the current government
Develop further co-management plans and structures to increase conservation gains on a wider scale, and also as part of the process of tenure reviews

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Hon Peter Dunne

Amend the Conservation Act to ensure that the interests of all conservation estate stakeholders are taken properly into account when decisions are made
Transfer all Department of Conservation advocacy responsibilities and policy capabilities to the Ministry for the Environment
Provide additional funding for pest control measures, but only after a review of the efficacy and appropriateness of current methods
Require that when 10/80 carrots or cereal pellets are used for pest control, they are of the type that contains deer repellent
Introduce intensive opossum eradication policies to protect forests, and introduce greater monitoring of other forest pests, weeds and diseases

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