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ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Let failing schools close or be taken over by better performing schools. End the discrimination against rural schools
Remove restrictive barriers to opening new schools so parents & teachers can cooperate to open new and innovative schools
Rather than abolishing national testing, a better idea would have been to expand it, commencing at a much earlier age so as to identify problems and performance issues early on before it is too late
All students should have equal access to tertiary education regardless of race, and should be given equal support by the Government whether they choose to study at a private or public institution
Abolish zoning and allow parents to take their child's share of state funding to a school of their choice - public or private

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Metiria Turei

Increase the Operations Grant by 10%
Implement measures to provide maximum class sizes no greater than 20 through a reduction in pupil to teacher ratios for primary, intermediate and secondary schools to improve delivery of quality education for all children
Encourage partnerships between high and low-decile schools for their mutual benefit
Support schools as 'community learning centres' that offer learning opportunities for learners of all ages
Incorporate environmental education into the core curriculum from pre-school to secondary level.

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Chris Carter

No further interest will be charged for those with student loans who reside in New Zealand
Provide funding for an additional 5,000 Modern Apprenticeship places, taking the total number of Modern Apprentices to 14,000 in 2008
Allow up to twenty per cent of Modern Apprentices in any industry to be above the current age limit of 21
Develop solutions to address the additional time requirement of school-based assessment including special consideration for small, isolated schools
Explore the possibility of establishing a structured cadetship programme as an alternative to institutional training for those entering associate professional roles

Maori Party Te Ururoa Flavell  
National Party of New Zealand Katherine Rich

Remove race-based funding from education and health.
Audit and improve school truancy programmes.
Introduce a new tax deduction for pre-school childcare costs to ease the financial pressures on parents, particularly on second-income earners and employed sole parents
Introduce literacy and numeracy standards
Make available information on the performance of pupils and schools

New Zealand First Hon Brian Donnelly

Implement policies which will increase participation rates and quality provision of early childhood education
Develop a comprehensive package of parent support and guidance programmes
Increase the amount of discretionary funding available to decile 3-10 schools by flattening the distribution curve
Undertake a review of teachers' workload and minimise bureaucratic requirements
Strengthen and improve education provisions in all sectors for rural areas

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Judy Turner

The three agencies concerned with educational quality, the NZQA, ERO, and the Teachers’ Council should be merged into a new Educational Standards Authority
Ensure that all assessment tasks provided by NZQA have been pre-moderated
Review the current zoning arrangements to ensure right of access to local schools without limiting access to other schools
Establish ‘families’ of schools in an effort to improve coordination between pre-school, primary and secondary schools in a given area
Establishing a national student database to track children's attendance in school
Establish a system of scholarships between tertiary providers and the private sector

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