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Education - Primary                     Interested in the numbers? Click here to find them

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Let failing schools close or be taken over by better performing schools. End the discrimination against rural schools
Remove restrictive barriers to opening new schools so parents & teachers can cooperate to open new and innovative schools
Abolish zoning and allow parents to take their child's share of state funding to a school of their choice - public or private
Devolve all decision making to schools - staffing, curriculum design, qualifications - to the extent that is appropriate
Modernise the teaching profession - improve training and ensure good teachers are fairly rewarded

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Metiria Turei

Increase the Operations Grant by 10%
Increase the ORRS funding to cover 2% of the school population as was originally intended
Complete the Staffing Review Group recommendations and then begin a programme of reducing pupil to teacher ratios in years 1-8
Encourage partnerships between high and low-decile schools for their mutual benefit
Incorporate environmental education into the core curriculum at all levels and ensure that teacher education and training programmes allocate significant time for environmental education

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Chris Carter

Employ around 1,300 extra primary teachers in Year 1 classes over the next three years to ensure that by 2008 there are no more than 15 students in a class
Carry out further research on the effect of class size on learning outcomes in other junior school years
Encourage more assessment in the early years on problem solving and teamwork, in addition to assessment of literacy and numeracy
Create stringent entry and exit criteria for teacher trainees, ensuring that only those with the attributes necessary for teaching can get in to training courses
Develop a strategy to stop bullying in schools to be implemented in all schools with particular emphasis on primary schools

Maori Party Te Ururoa Flavell  
National Party of New Zealand Katherine Rich

Introduce literacy and numeracy standards
Provide reading and maths vouchers for pupils who don’t meet targeted standards by the age of seven
Slash education bureaucracy by decentralising school management, and redirect funding to school budgets
Audit and improve school truancy programmes.
Support schools in their efforts to eliminate bullying.

New Zealand First Hon Brian Donnelly

Review the ORRS scheme funding with a view of ensuring more funding is made available to directly meet the needs of the child as documented through the IEP process
Reformulate the decile funding component to lift the amounts available to those in decile 3-10 schools
Promote a programme of 'values' education in schools
Create a co-ordinated system of school support building on the Learning Support Centres
Increase resources and funding to revitalise and run the National Anti Bullying Campaign in schools

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Judy Turner

Fund extra reading tuition for children who show difficulty with literacy by the time they have reached the third year of primary school
Ensure that operations grants are sufficient to meet the costs to schools of providing the learning opportunities that government expects
Ensure that when schools ask parents to pay activity fees they disclose what the money will be used for, and make sure that schools do not exert undue pressure to collect voluntary donations
Ensure that schools have sufficient funding to provide information technology where this has a clear educational value
Reform the decile-based funding system by ensuring that the distribution treats middle decile schools more fairly

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