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Education - Teacher's Pay

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Devolve all decision making to schools - staffing, curriculum design, qualifications - to the extent that is appropriate
Modernise the teaching profession - improve training and ensure good teachers are fairly rewarded

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Metiria Turei

Continue to oppose the bulk funding of teacher and support staff salaries as it is inconsistent with the provision of high quality education for every student
Improve pay, job security, and provide professional development for teachers and aides
Support pay parity for early childhood, primary and secondary educators, based on qualifications and responsibility
Provide incentives such as school housing to enable teachers to work and develop their careers in rural/remote communities
Provide professional development programmes to teachers so that they are able to teach a diverse population of learners

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Chris Carter

Introduce paid sabbaticals for teachers for full implementation by 2010
Continue to implement existing teacher supply and hard-to-staff initiatives such as the Teach NZ scholarships and the Teach NZ promotional campaign, relocation and return-to-teaching grants, and the appointment of recruitment brokers
Develop end-of-career options in order that skills are retained and utilised most effectively and there are enhanced provisions relating to long service for those who need to exit the profession
Work towards full implementation of the School Staffing Review Group and Ministerial Taskforce on Secondary Teacher Remuneration

Maori Party Te Ururoa Flavell  
National Party of New Zealand Katherine Rich

Make teaching a sought-after occupation that attracts and retains top people
National will build on the trend to more flexibility in national awards where teachers are allocated additional units of pay by the school
Schools need the opportunity to function as good employers who value and support outstanding staff

New Zealand First Hon Brian Donnelly

Instigate a new system for the establishment of teachers' pay and conditions which will ensure New Zealand maintains the best quality teaching force in the world and children do not lose educational time through teacher strikes
Not pursue a system of bulk-funding of teacher salaries unless there is an acceptance by the teaching force of its merits
Universalise sabbatical provisions for teachers

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Judy Turner

Support lifting the qualifications of early childhood teachers, but relax the government's target for all staff to be degree-qualified by 2012

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