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ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

Implement a five year staged programme of tax reductions to an overall 18% tax rate so that New Zealanders can keep more of their hard earned money, and New Zealand can encourage more businesses and people to invest here
Tighten up on welfare. We can't sustain 4% growth with 370,000 working age adults on benefits
Reduce waste in government, replace the red tape and stifling employment law restrictions, and stop government departments from imposing taxes in the guise of user charges
Conduct a zero-based review of regulations, a Regulatory Responsibility Act - rewrite Employment Relations Act, ACC, Resource Management Act and OSH - to make business friendly

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Sue Bradford

Need for active Government.
Preserve and expand the rail network.
Buy back Contact Energy.
The emergency unemployment benefit restored.

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Dr Michael Cullen

Continue to improve New Zealand’s efficient broad-based low rate tax regime
Maintain contributions to the New Zealand Superannuation Fund thus continuing the government’s role as a net saver
Increase funding for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to expand and diversify exports
Provide better value for money in the state sector by improving budgeting practices and regularly reviewing the effectiveness of existing spending lines

Take a lead role in the Doha round negotiations, in particular to obtain a fair trading environment for agricultural exporting nations

Maori Party Dr Pita Sharples  
National Party of New Zealand Katherine Rich

Reduce the cost of doing business
Fix the RMA
Improve health and safety laws
Bring in a new Act incorporating the best of the Employment Contracts Act 1991 and the Employment Relations Act 2000
Cut taxes to reward effort

New Zealand First Rt Hon Winston Peters

Promote a balanced and flexible monetary policy of lower exchange and interest rates conducive to real export and employment growth
Aim to treble exports, in real terms, by 2020 and will set goals to reach that target commencing with a major Campaign for Exports in 2006
Implement tax abatement and concession policies including a 20% tax rate on 'new export' net income
Ensure that the government has first right of refusal on the resale of any former state assets, in particular infrastructure assets
Facilitate the transition from the pay-as-we-go scheme through the cost smoothing mechanisms of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund to a new save-as-we-go scheme

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Hon Peter Dunne

Retain the Ministry of Economic Development, but re-focus key elements of their work away from 'picking winners' and towards removing impediments to business.
Develop, in consultation with business, a tax-free 'holiday' for new businesses
Review the tax treatment of Research and Development, to generate incentives for an increase in private sector expenditure to 1.5% of GDP

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