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Defence                                          Interested in the numbers? Click here to find them

ACT The Liberal Party Heather Roy

Greater co-operation and integration with our allies is needed
A long-term defence strategy is needed, together with political consensus
The defence of the nation is a primary government responsibility
The only viable strategy for New Zealand is a collective one involving Australia and the United States. Governments fail New Zealanders if they fail to contribute our share to this common cause
New Zealand must develop and maintain a credible, well trained and equipped Defence Force able to work with allies in a warlike environment and to play a credible role in international peace-making and peace-keeping operations

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Keith Locke

Ensure all international treaty texts are open to public scrutiny
Ensure that all international treaties require a vote in Parliament before being signed
Require that all international treaties give full effect to Aotearoa/New Zealand’s Treaty of Waitangi responsibilities and obligations

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Phil Goff

Special allowances paid to members of the armed forces in overseas trouble spots will be automatically exempt from income tax
Remain committed to the concept of a defence force consisting of a motorized and readily deployable army; an enhanced navy working with other civilian interests in the area of maritime surveillance and having appropriate sealift and combat capabilities; and an updated air force with airlift, and air patrol capabilities
Continue to rebuild the Defence Force through the Defence Sustainability Initiative, with funding of an extra $4.6 billion over the next ten years
Build our force structure to maximise our operational impact
Work to promote comprehensive security, particularly within the South Pacific region, through diplomacy, trade, aid, economic and environmental co-operation and, military co-operation

Maori Party Dr Pita Sharples  
National Party of New Zealand Dr Wayne Mapp

Rebuild credible combat capability
Maintain recent increases in spending levels, and look to adjust spending as identified in the Defence Review
Enhance our relationship with traditional allies based on mutual interest in a safer world
Introduce a Veterans’ Gold Card to provide such benefits as priority access to hospital treatment and Housing NZ accommodation
Examine and redress cases where there has been no medallic recognition for service

New Zealand First Ron Mark

Put in place programmes to address the exodus of Defence Force personnel at all levels and to attend to staffing issues in general
Continue to structure policy as closely as possible around the recommendations that we supported in "Defence Beyond 2000"
Review entry standard requirements to ensure that no suitable candidates are excluded from joining the Defence Forces
Establish plans to rebuild the territorial forces, in particular programmes which encourage them to reconnect with their communities
Work towards funding our Defence Forces at a level of 2% of GDP

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Hon Peter Dunne

Reach a multi-party accord on ten-year defence and capital equipment funding which will allow for more efficient purchasing and to ensure that Defence Forces receive reasonable funding to meet and carry out core functions
Ensure greater flexibility in defence equipment purchase procedures, including the option of leasing
Establish closer defence co-operation between New Zealand and Australia in a revitalisation of the ANZAC tradition
Improve political and defence relationships with the United States and Australia

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