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Communications - NZ on Air

ACT The Liberal Party Rodney Hide

set out

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand Sue Kedgley

Substantially increase funding through New Zealand On Air for children's programming
Require TVNZ, as the publicly funded broadcaster, to take a lead in screening locally produced children's television programmes

New Zealand Labour Party Hon Trevor Mallard

$4.4 million will be invested in non-commercial radio and regional television over the next four years
Supporting NZ's screen production industry through continued funding of NZ on Air for contestable local television content
Give substance to our commitment to public broadcasting through continued public ownership of TVNZ
Supporting NZ's music production industry through continued funding of NZ on Air for NZ music development
Continue support for NZ on Air as a contestable funding pool for television programming

Maori Party Hone Harawira  
National Party of New Zealand Hon Maurice Williamson

Abolish TVNZ’s Charter, and redirect Charter-allocated funding through New Zealand On Air
Institute appropriate adjustments to New Zealand On Air to ensure comprehensive accountability framework, clear statement of objectives, and transparent funding processes
Through New Zealand On Air’s funding arrangements, seek to strengthen minimum levels of quality New Zealand produced programming on television

New Zealand First Pita Paraone

Combine Television New Zealand (TVNZ) and Radio New Zealand under one state-owned enterprise known as New Zealand Broadcasting (NZB)
Require that salaries paid beyond accepted public service broadbands be cleared with and signed off by stakeholder ministers
Immediately introduce a fair process of allocating digital channels and radio spectrum bands
Continue to work with the industry and the public to achieve and maintain a voluntary quota system to increase the New Zealand content of radio and television broadcasting
Review the regulations and practices relating to the use and allocation of funds for the broadcasting of election programmes

Progressive Coalition Hon Jim Anderton  
United Future New Zealand Hon Peter Dunne

Supports the concept of NZ On Air as a mechanism for encouraging local content on television and radio

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