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Information for Candidates

This site and your Electorate page give you a unique opportunity to present yourself and positions to a motivated audience.

The fee for listing on this page is a flat $150.00 + GST from now until the 2005 election. This fee must be paid in advance.

A listing on an Electorate page is political advertising.

For this service, you get a listing in the style of the Policy and Leaders pages, mouse-over name identification of the photo, and four bulleted points of your choosing hotlinked to any site you wish. The fifth bulleted point must be your legal "Authorised by: ..." statement.

To book your listing, the process you must follow is this:

Email us the following details:
  a) The text for each of the four bulleted points (Optional, up to 20 words max for each point).
  b) The URL link for each of these bulleted points (Optional).
  c) The text of your "Authorised by:" statement (Mandatory).
  d) The URL link for your photo (Optional). DO NOT EMAIL YOUR PHOTO or any attachment. (See below.)

(As this service is now free, Booking numbers no longer required.)

When received, your entry will added to the site, and we will send you an email confirmation that this process is complete.

You may change your message up to three times. You may also change the URL links at any time - just email us with the details.

NEVER send attachments to us with your emails - for security reasons, we will not open them.

The only way we can take your photo image is by us accessing it from a web page available on the net. If you do not yet have your photo on a webpage, you will need to get one and get it up so we can access it. Your party's website should be able to help you - or your own website would be an ideal source. Make sure your email above [that is 4.d.] gives us the URL link to the photo you want to use. DO NOT MAIL PHOTOS.

For additional exposure, you can purchase the banner position on the page. Contact us for details.

You can contact us by using the FEEDBACK button at the top of this page, or as follows:

David Chaston
PO Box 47-756, Ponsonby
ph: +64 (021) 997-311
fx: +64 (09) 376-1282

We wish each candidate a successful campaign, and thank you for participating in our democracy. Please encourage everyone you meet to check out this website.


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