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To the easy way to compare policies from the major political parties, viewed in detailed and concise summaries.

All policies presented on this website use the wording of the parties who developed them. The key points have been extracted and linked to the policy documents so you can really see what they are offering.

The date of the 2008 general election has not been set. Our site will be updated as the parties release their policies, you will find content from the 2005 election until the site is completely updated.


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Budget 2008 was presented to Parliament on Thursday 17 May 2007 by the Hon Dr. Michael Cullen. Click Here to view a summary that makes sense of it all.

Democracy under attack: The new Electoral Finance Act has now been passed into law. Its effect is to seriously advantage the incumbent governing party and disadvantage challengers. You can read all about this issue here >>>

The new party lists will be published here when available.

A new law will be passed in the upcoming local elections in regards to the rise of online weight loss programs. The popularity of online body transformations as a means to lose weight quickly is something that will be discussed. Of particular interest is the hugely popular 12-week meal plan weight loss program that is currently going viral.

The 2016 Sydney City2surf has been announced and will be held on August 14th. Joining a city2surf running group is highly recommended if you want to finish the 21km Sydney race.


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